Education Makers

Through making, we learn invaluable life lessons. We engage in persistent, complex problem-solving. We create solutions to real-world problems, we imagine alternative ways of thinking about our life with technology, and we discover a world of connections.

Maker Projects

Education Makers study what people learn and how they develop 21st century skills and competencies in maker-led activities. We work on developing an inclusive, interdisciplinary and intergenerational workshop model with multi-level and complex challenges where collaboration takes its full meaning because working alone is not possible. Here are some examples of projects we are conducting:

Maker Jams

We have been hosting Maker Jams at MilieuxMake, a university makerspace located in the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University. The purpose of the Maker Jams is to develop a community of makers and include novice makers in activities that our team of students is undertaking.

What can people expect when they join us at the 5 à 7 Maker Jams?

A dynamic and informal get-together of tinkerers that gather around ideas, challenges and projects. People can play and tinker with several technologies we have, such as Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, 3D printers, or bring their own. We are trying to create an inclusive safe space where people with little to advanced experience in making from all communities and identities can feel safe to take risks and learn something new together. Our space is wheelchair accessible. We welcome everyone, including any religion, backgrounds, and the LGBTQ community. We also love it if parents bring their kids and we usually have some snacks available.

What do participants do?

Education Makers are working on several projects. Some people come just to tag along and others come with their own projects, such as embedded LEDs, a do-it-yourself programmable car to learn STEAM concepts, a smart wire-car, and speech-recognition technologies to learn English. We have a few activities for kids too, such as playing with Makey Makey and making powered cars.

Who comes to the 5 à 7 Maker Jams?

Anybody in the university community who is curious about maker culture, or wishes to join our group either to develop expertise or share maker expertise towards social innovation. We’re not there to teach people how to code, to take 3D printing orders or to repair broken 3D printers. Instead we offer is a community atmosphere where we tinker together, solve problems and get to know each other.

This project is currently funded by the Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University.

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Want to learn to generate a #3Denvironment from a photograph? Register to our free workshop by Nov 18th makercultures | @Milieux_news #MilieuxMake educationmakers photo
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Always wanted to learn to make your own #PCB? Register for a 3 series workshop and learn to make a PCB with @ADSKEAGLE. Deadline for registration Nov 15th! Seats limited! email makercultures | @Milieux_news #MilieuxMake #makerspace educationmakers photo
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We are thrilled to announce that the #RubyCoders are back on the scene! If you want to #learntocode and go beyond the basics in a friendly atmosphere, come on over! See info below | @rubyivan @natduponsel @houdaAjawhar @a_l_davidson @RimaAbouKhalil1 @aniklet_zefi @Milieux_news educationmakers photo


November 2020

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  • Intro to Photogrammetry 1/2
  • Atelier Eagle 1/3 avec Simon Juif
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  • Atelier Eagle 2/3 avec Simon Juif
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MilieuxMake is a makerspace project undertaken by Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson and Marc Beaulieu. MilieuxMake is a Milieux Institute common space with various affordances from 3D printing, to soldering, sewing, electronic sensing, etc. It offers space for members of the Milieux community who conduct maker-led projects and many workshops, as well as public talks held there yearly. To follow the MilieuxMake activities, see the Milieux News Twitter feed:

Research dissemination

Selected Papers

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