Gamepads + Access

Our Gamepads + Access challenges are large-scale events, that involve approximately 50-80 participants to reflect, collaborate and act on the intersection of gamepad design and accessibility.

A team of highly skilled students are brought together to prepare for the challenge. Typically, students do not have all the same skills, but everybody can contribute something different including: understanding special needs and mobility issues; knowing how to program, how to create alternative gamepads, UX design, electronics and hardware or gaming; offering theoretical insight; having manual skills such as crafting or knowing how to use tools.

During the design jam participants build prototypes of accessible gamepads for people with various disabilities. Through this activity participants learn about the process of designing for accessibility by combining existing Universal Design for Learning concepts with empathy and the co-creative process of building prototypes. They iterate playfully with a variety of materials including microcontrollers, basic electronics, polymer, cardboard and masking tape!

Here is information about a recent design jam we held :