Amber: The Maker

Amber the Maker is a children storybook about an 8-year-old amputee child. She gets bullied on her swimming team because she is too slow in the relay races. One day, as she is about to give up an imaginary friendly dragon appears. He will bring Amber on a journey of discovery in maker culture where she will learn how to 3D print her own prosthetic terminal swimming attachment.

This book was co-authored by Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson and Elizabeth Lakoff, and illustrated by Alina Gutierrez. It was based on the results of many workshops with hundreds of participants from all age groups who were all learning to solve problems and engage in social innovation through maker culture.

A soft launch of the book took place at the 4th Space on the 6th of October 2020. It involved 30 children from five countries as readers.

The book is available in a flipbook format online. There is a limited amount of hard copies you can obtain for the cost of printing (contact:

The original book is being translated in nine languages: French, Latino Spanish, European Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Malay and Hindi.

There is an audiobook version in Mandarin available. It was narrated by Yi (Sophia) Yao.

Amber the Maker is supported by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

News article:

October 2020

Concordia’s Ann-Louise Davidson debuts a childrens’ book about maker culture

Ann-Louise Davidson de Concordia publie un nouveau livre pour enfants sur la culture maker

Let’s Go with Sabrina Marandola CBC. New kids book encourages kids of all abilities to explore DIY projects. October 8, 2020.

Ann-Louise Davidson

Ann-Louise Davidson

Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson is an Associate Professor of Education, Graduate Program Director for the MA in Educational Technology and the Graduate Diploma in Instructional Technology at Concordia University, and holds a Concordia University Research Chair in Maker Culture. She is Associate Director of the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology and Director of the Milieux makerspace initiative.
Alina Gutierrez

Alina Gutierrez

PhD student INDI

Alina is a Graphic facilitator who draws people’s ideas to help them visualize their goals and aspirations in order to facilitate the development of attainable goals. She is in a constant search for ways to apply these in the community to be able to create social impact through visual messages and the community’s visual explorations.
She is currently working on her PhD in which she is merging her backgrounds in organizational development and fine arts to create a synergistic recipe blending graphic facilitation, organizational development, learning, and change.
Her research focuses on the long-term impact of using visual tools to facilitate and co-create so that human systems can better work in collaboration and use new tools to facilitate conversations that are otherwise hard to approach.

Elizabeth Lakoff

Elizabeth Lakoff


Elizabeth Lakoff has loved storytelling since an early age. She invented all kinds of tales about her friends, family and even her pets. Nowadays, her favourite stories to tell are inspired by her incredible children – her brilliant and passionate teenage daughter and her curious and kind young son. Her son’s experience as an amputee served as an inspiration for Amber the Maker. After obtaining a Bachelor of Education degree, Elizabeth spent a decade working as an English and Social Studies high school teacher while raising her children and completing her Master of Arts degree at Concordia. Elizabeth now works in training. When not writing or working, Elizabeth enjoys a quiet country life with her husband, children, and two dogs.