Making can sometimes require unmaking or fixing things. Education Makers have been upcycling (creatively reusing) objects in affordable ways with the idea of protecting the environment. With these ideas in mind, they have several projects underway such as a jewelry tumbler almost entirely made of recycled parts from an old stereo and an 80 watts halogen lamp that now works on 3 watts. .

Making inevitably results in failed attempts and can generate a lot of trash. For example, 3D printed objects don’t always work the first time and often need several iterations. Makers are creative and find all sorts of ways to re-use materials. Some invented shredders and extruders to grind failed 3D prints and make new PLA (filament used to create 3D objects). However, these processes are too expensive and complicated for small productions.

Education makers have been recycling PLA to make jewelry from PLA scraps. The process of cutting the PLA into grinds and baking it in a tray takes about an hour and makers leave with beautiful pendant.

These beautiful pieces are colourful and playful and wearable. What is it they say? Makers gonna make!