Makerspaces for Learning, Living & Sharing

We are proud to present the bilingual playbook on Makerspaces for Learning, Living and Sharing.

French version

English version

The content of the playbook is the result of co-construction events that were held during the Winter 2022, with 80 practitioners, scholars and students who are actively involved in the facilitation of maker education within schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums and community centres. It was an opportunity for practitioners who are involved in maker education to get together and exchange new contemporary living knowledge emerging from makespaces in Québec and other Canadian provinces, the United States, the United Kingdom and Africa. 

A total of 17 discussion leaders from 14 organizations (Collège Saint-Sacrement, Polyvalente Lavigne, Lower Canada College, Académie Sainte-Thérèse, Dawson College, LEARN Québec, LESPACEMAKER, FabLab LLIO, Digital Moments, Concordia University Technology Sandbox, Communautique, Chalet Kent, Musée de la civilisation, Université Laval) helped spark and moderate the discussions. 

Our team extracted the content from the brainstorming to create the sections of this playbook, with the purpose of helping makerspaces facilitate learning. You are sure to find something useful to grow your community, spark discussions and reflections about what to do when your makerspace is closed, how to build your network, prepare your facilitators, build your community, bring making in schools or select or create maker kits.