[Post] Arduino Day 2020

Arduino Day is an event to celebrate all things that are made with Arduino. It is organized by the Arduino community, for the community, to share the the passion for Arduino around the globe. Arduino micro-controllers are exciting and fascinating because there is so much we can do with them!

This year Arduino Day was cancelled at #MilieuxMake because Concordia University closed due to Covid-19. Arduino issued a message to its community, about postponing celebrations to a later date. We decided to host a Post Arduino Day celebration online at Concordia University on May 21rd from 11am to 12:30pm.

The online event was streamed live through the 4th Space. It began with a Q&A with David Cuartielles, Arduino co-founder, and a talk with Tomas de Camino, a mathematician, computer scientist, musician, maker and professor at Lead University in Costa Rica. It was followed by presentations from Roxana Escobedo, Lead Partner Trainer at Arduino Education (Arduino home learning), Rima Abou-Khalil student in Software Engineering at Université Laval (Rick & Morty portal gun) , Nathalie Duponsel PhD student in Education at Concordia University (Stars nightlight exploration), Houda Jawhar MA student in Educational Technology and Instructional Designer at District 3 (Elektroknitting), Parsa Hariri, Student in Computer Engineering at Khayyam university in Tehran (Smart car assistant), Ben Douek Inventor of Robot in a Can, The “Ruby” coders live demo -led by Ivan Ruby, PhD student in educational technology (assisted by Farnaz Gholami, Ani Zefi, Arezu Jamshidi, Cat Scutaru, Sandrine Lambert).

Here is the full recording of our event :

Below is the full recording to the official Arduino Day online event:

Arduino Day online event
The “Ruby” coders led by Ivan Ruby